Can Online Advertisers Fight Click Fraud With Blockchain?

Monica Weighs in on Potential for Ad Disruption for RetailITInsights

Click fraud is a fast-growing threat facing online advertisers. However, blockchain technology may hold the solution to the problem, says Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone. is a business strategy resource for innovative yet pragmatic technology solutions in the retail industry. Their goal is to help retail executives make informed decisions about technology and operations solutions for every sales channel through newsletters, webinars, and other exclusive content.

Online advertising can be a lucrative strategy to drive traffic—and customers—to a site. Unfortunately, click fraud tactics that artificially inflate ad traffic will cost businesses at least $7 billion this year. New technologies like blockchain, however, provide more transparency in the ad buying process. This allows for better targeting while also making it easier to identify abuse.

“The technology could have multiple applications for the digital ad space,” Monica explains. “For instance, it could largely supplant ad networks, cutting out the middleman between companies, publishers, and visitors. With ads sold and tracked using a blockchain system, it could also be easier to trace the customer’s journey and develop more useful insights for targeting purposes.”

Of course, no technology is perfect. There could still be downsides and vulnerabilities to blockchain-enabled ad buying. That’s why merchants need a more comprehensive strategy.