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Loyalty Fraud Loyalty Points Fraud

Loyalty Fraud

Loyalty Fraud Scams: The Next Big Thing in Fraud?

Imagine spending years saving up for the trip of a lifetime…only for a fraudster to rip the tickets to your dream vacation right out of your hand.

hotel chargeback

Hotel Chargebacks

Am I an Easy Target? Here’s What You Need to Know About Hotel Booking Chargebacks & How to Respond

What do you picture when you think about chargebacks?
Probably some high-dollar item. Camera equipment,

2021 Chargeback Travel Forecast

2021 Chargeback Travel Forecast

There May be an End in Sight to COVID-19, but Chargeback Troubles Will Drag On

Few verticals felt the pain of the COVID-19 shutdowns as acutely as the travel industry. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA),

Travel Industry Double Refunds

Travel Industry Double Refunds

Are Travelers Abusing Chargebacks to “Double-Dip” From Your Revenue?

In an increasingly interconnected world, even minor events can cause a ripple effect. Major global market disruption will have secondary and tertiary effects that resonate through the market for months and years afterward.

Travel Industry COVID-19 Recovery

Travel Industry COVID-19 Recovery

Travel is Poised to Bounce Back From COVID Crisis, but Other Challenges Lie Ahead

No one reading this should be shocked to hear that COVID-19 had a significant negative impact on the travel market.

Covid-19 travel chargeback

Covid-19 Travel Chargebacks

Visa Issues New Travel Industry Chargeback Guidelines for the COVID-19 Era

Few industries are feeling the pain from the COVID-19 outbreak as acutely as the travel and entertainment space. With popular destinations closed, millions of people under lockdown,

Visa Coronavirus Rules

Visa COVID-19 Rule Changes

Visa Offering Crisis Relief for Businesses in Key Impacted Verticals

This is a stressful time for merchants in every vertical. Despite the potential for increased online traffic, you may also be contending with a variety of new obstacles,

Travel Industry AI

Travel Industry AI

The Ins & Outs of Artificial Intelligence in the Travel Space

Artificial intelligence is poised to be a transformative force in just about every corner of our increasingly-interconnected market. In the travel industry, for instance,

Travel Merchant Account

Travel Merchant Account

How Thomas Cook just Made it Harder for Travel Companies to Find Merchant Processing

Thomas Cook was a major name in global travel for many decades. The 178-year-old company employed 21,000 people globally and helped millions of consumers traverse the globe each year.

Travel Fraud Threats

Travel Fraud Threats

The Top 4 Travel Fraud Threats & What You Can Do About Them

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that fraud is an issue in the travel industry. You may not realize, though,

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