Super Apps“Super Apps” Can Help You Meet Customers’ Needs

December 22, 2023 | 7 min read

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Super Apps

In a Nutshell

Today's shoppers want easy, 24/7 access to a personalized shopping experience. Wondering how to keep up with these demands? The future of commerce, powered by so-called “super apps,” might be your answer. But, is this strategy going to be right for your business? Let's explore.

How “Super Apps” May Help Give Your Customers What They Want, When & How They Want It

Everyone knows that consumer preferences play a big role in how commerce works. Nowadays, shoppers are looking for super easy ways to get to goods and services, no matter where they are or what time it is. They want a shopping experience that's made just for them, available all day, every day.

So, how can commerce adapt to meet these demands in our digital age?

As some experts have posited, so-called “super apps” might just be the solution. But, is this approach the right fit for your business? Let's take a look.

How Consumer Habits are Changing

Since the covid-19 crisis, there's been a big shift in how people shop and handle their money. Things like geopolitical changes, more people going digital, and economic ups and downs are changing how people make payments. 

A recent survey by Accenture examined the shopping preferences of 16,000 people across countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. What they found is that more than half of respondents used digital ways to pay, like digital wallets.

These new methods are pushing traditional banks out of the center of the picture in the customer's shopping experience. Traditional payment methods like credit and debit are still common, of course. But, these new and fancy options are quickly gaining popularity.

Customers want shopping to be easy and quick, and they want to be able to pay however they like, whenever they want, and wherever they are. That's why a lot of merchants and online marketplaces are looking to super apps as a solution.

Could Super Apps Transform eCommerce?

“Super apps” are platforms that have evolved from straightforward, single-use applications into all-in-one platforms brimming with a variety of services and features. These apps blend functionalities such as messaging, social media, payment processing, and shopping into one handy application.

The potential of super apps to shake up commerce is huge. They provide a single platform, on which users can do everything from chatting to shopping. This one-stop-shop approach can boost user engagement, as people find everything they need in one place, reducing the hassle of switching between apps. For merchants, this means greater visibility and a chance to reach a broader audience.

However, the true impact of super apps on global commerce hinges on how they're received by the market and how consumers adapt to them. In some parts of the world, like Asia, super apps like WeChat and Grab are already a big part of daily life.

If this trend catches on globally, super apps could indeed revolutionize how we think about and engage in online commerce, leading to a more connected and efficient digital marketplace. But it's also important to keep in mind that different regions have different tech habits and preferences, which could influence how widely these super apps are embraced.

What Features Might Attract Consumers to Super Apps?

Super apps have some really cool features that can make shopping online a much better experience for consumers. Here are a few things that might really draw people in:


Imagine being able to shop from your phone, computer, or even through a voice assistant like Alexa, and having the same seamless experience across all three platforms. That's what super apps do; it makes shopping super convenient, no matter how or where you do it.

Tracking Payments Easily

You can use different payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, or even digital wallets. All are tracked from one place. This means you don't have to remember where you paid from last time; the system remembers for you.

Consistent Experience Across Brands

Whether you're buying from a big brand or a small shop, a super app can make the shopping experience feel familiar. You won't have to relearn how to shop each time you visit a different website, which can be a big plus.

Personalized Shopping

Think about a shopping experience that knows what you like. This approach can allow merchants to tailor what shoppers see, like showing products that match one’s style or interests, making shopping more personalized and fun.

Real-Time Updates

Ever faced the annoyance of finding out something's out of stock after you try to buy it? Super apps can eliminate that experience by updating product info like availability and prices in real-time. Shoppers can know right away if something's available.

Easy Checkout Process

Nobody likes a complicated checkout process when shopping online. Super apps can make checkouts quick and simple, meaning less frustration and more time to enjoy shopping.

Commerce changes fast. Make sure you’re protected.REQUEST A DEMO

For merchants looking to keep up in today's fast-moving online world, super apps are something to seriously think about. It has the potential to make your online store better and more appealing to customers by being faster and more flexible. This way, you can quickly change your store to match what your customers want and like, keeping your brand up to date and attractive.

Another great thing is how it easily works with different platforms and gadgets. More people can shop from your store in a way that feels smooth and connected. Plus, as your business grows, your online store can grow with it without needing a big makeover.

What To Consider Before Embracing Super Apps

If you're a business owner eyeing this trend, it's essential to take your time, explore features in-depth, ask questions, and test out demos. When optimizing your eCommerce website for super apps, or for any other new technology, here a few are things to keep an eye on:


Your platform should provide insights into customer behavior. How many people are viewing and buying your products? What are your hot sellers? What's your conversion rate? Knowing the demographics of your customer base is also crucial.

Business Features Offered

A good eCommerce platform simplifies business operations. Look for a full suite of features in order management and inventory tracking. Real-time inventory updates are especially handy for marketing campaigns and managing promotions.

Customer Experience

Your platform should ensure a seamless shopping experience. Features like mobile optimization and SEO tools are vital. They make sure customers enjoy browsing, regardless of the device they use, and help your site rank better in search engines.

Integrations Available

A solid headless eCommerce platform uses APIs to transfer data between the front-end and back-end smoothly. Check if the platform has built-in tools or if you can use its API to connect with essential tools for your business.

Overall Cost

Pricing is a big deal when choosing a platform. Some options are more expensive than others, so find one that fits your budget and offers good value for your investment.

Platform Customization

The ability to customize your digital experience in real-time, based on customer data, is key. The more you can tailor the experience, the better prepared you'll be for future changes.

Support & Security

Your platform should have strong security to protect customer data and your finances. Also, having reliable support is essential to keep your operations running smoothly and your customers satisfied.

User-Friendly Interface

Since many marketing teams are often understaffed, any new tool should simplify their work. Ensure the platform’s content management system is easy to use, even for those who aren’t tech experts.

At the end of the day, exploring the ramifications of the super app-enabled future is a smart move for merchants who want to stay ahead and do well online. It could be key to growing your business and keeping your customers happy.

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