Monica Eaton of Chargebacks911® Nominated for ‘Influencer of the Year’!Chargebacks911 CEO a Finalist for New Industry Honor

February 14, 2024 | 1 min read

Monica Eaton of Chargebacks911® Nominated for ‘Influencer of the Year’!

We’re proud to announce that Chargebacks911 Founder and CEO Monica Eaton has been nominated for the Influencer of the Year award as part of the MPE Awards 2024!

As the event organizers explain, the MPE Awards recognize & reward “expertise and innovation in the merchant payments ecosystem.” Nominees were accepted from across the payments industry, inviting movers and shakers involved in every stage of the payment process.

Winners will be determined via public online voting. In other words: the industry’s top influence will be chosen by rank-and-file payment professionals.


“I’m very proud to have been selected as a finalist for this award,” Monica says. “When I launched Chargebacks911 in 2011, I never anticipated the level of success or influence we’d achieve. However, this is a testament to the true impact we’ve had on the payments space as a whole.”

Winners will be presented at the MPE 2024 event this March in Berlin. Click here to see a complete list of all the nominees, and to fine more information about the awards.

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