Monica Eaton-Cardone Honored With Women in Payments Innovation Award!

Chargebacks911® COO has been awarded a Prestigious Industry Title

We’re excited to announce that Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone is the winner of the Women in Payments Innovation Award! This title recognizes a thought leader in the payments space who promotes innovation through “creativity, vision, and perseverance in her organization or the payments industry.”

We’d like to thank the judges and event organizers on Monica’s behalf. This is a fantastic honor…but it’s one that’s well-deserved, too!

Through her work over the last decade, Monica has played a major role in transforming the payments landscape. After launching Chargebacks911 as a consultancy in 2009, Monica grew the organization rapidly into the international force it is today. Chargebacks911 continues bringing transformative change to the payments space by delivering industry-defining solutions for chargeback management, with offices in the US and Europe.

Monica is also a tireless advocate for innovation even beyond her work with Chargebacks911. She’s shared her insights at major payments conferences across the globe, pushing for necessary industry changes. Her efforts continue to make the payments space a more manageable and long-term viable industry.

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