Monica Eaton Appointed Chief Operating Officer

December 11, 2014 | 3 min read


Monica Eaton Appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Chargebacks911®

Chargebacks911®, and its parent company Global Risk Technologies™, is pleased to announce the formal appointment of Monica Eaton as Chief Operating Officer.

An Essential Industry Solution

In 2009, Chargebacks911 was created out of absolute necessity. Along with her business partner, Monica Eaton discovered there simply wasn’t a viable chargeback management solution on the market. There wasn’t an effective way for merchants to prevent and dispute chargebacks.

Seeing a need, Eaton rose to the challenge. She helped create the chargeback mitigation and risk management company.

Today, Chargebacks911 is based in Clearwater, Florida with more than 350 employees and offices all around the world. The company debuted on the Inc. 5000 list with a ranking of 799 (11th in the payment industry). In just three years’ time, Chargebacks911 has seen more than 570% in growth.

The company’s success can be attributed to its innovative strategies, dynamic technologies, and dedicated leadership.

“As an entrepreneur, I have always tried to run my business operations as effectively as possible. I manage every aspect of our company’s business operations, from IT to product offerings to customer service.”

With Monica Eaton at the helm, Chargebacks911 is sure to continue filling industry voids in the most efficient, profitable way possible.

 A Skilled and Dedicated Leader

Since co-founding the company, Monica Eaton has held distinguished leadership positions with Chargebacks911. Receiving the title of COO formally acknowledges her position at Chargebacks911 and her IT operational oversight.

With experience in technology development, ecommerce management, risk relativity, and payment processing solutions, Eaton was an obvious choice for COO. She has proven she has natural instincts for identifying market needs and creating the necessary solutions to fulfil those needs.

Monica Eaton is a professional speaker, securing her reputation as an industry thought leader on subjects such as women in IT, fraud mitigation, and sustainable ecommerce growth. Eaton recently represented Chargebacks911 at the Merchant Risk Council Vegas and the CNP Expo. She has also created a national speaking tour, Chargeback Expert Certification, to help ecommerce newbies create chargeback management plans.

As the business continues to grow and expand, Eaton promises that developing innovative, dynamic technologies will remain her primary focus.

Looking Towards the Future

Not only will Monica Eaton continue to develop technologies to meet the demands of an ever evolving industry, she also hopes to use her position to effectuate change throughout the IT world.

Considering such a small portion of IT roles are filled by women (and an even smaller percentage fill executive leadership positions), Monica hopes to act as a role model for those looking to join the IT community.

Eaton recognizes there is great potential for women in IT and points out that those who are motivated can do great things.

Clearly, Global Risk Technologies™ can rest assured its Chargebacks911® division is in good hands with Monica Eaton serving as COO.

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