Introducing Fi911: A Revolutionary Financial Institution Solution

Introducing Fi911: A Revolutionary Financial Institution Solution

First-of-its-Kind Support for FIs With Automated Chargeback Management

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary new brand, Fi911, to provide financial institutions with a suite of next generation chargeback and merchant lifecycle management technology!

As the industry leaders in chargeback management, we strive to always remain at the forefront of innovation within the space. We have an incredible suite of technologies available to help merchants fight and, ultimately, prevent chargebacks. What about the financial institutions who work in tandem with merchants, though?

Fi911 was developed by our world-leading team of payments industry experts. Our approach was developed in collaboration with some of the world’s largest institutions and payments processors, ensuring FI insight informs every step of what we do.

Fi911 will empower financial institutions with APIs and innovative quick launch components. We will deliver speed-to-market capabilities for managing chargebacks and related activities, all with ease and in real-time.

Efficient Strategies. Better Results.

We’re in the midst of the global growth in card payments and double-digit year-on-year growth in chargeback volumes. In response, Fi911’s tools are built for the challenges that financial institutions face today, with an eye for adaptability that makes it possible to smoothly respond to new developments. Fi911‘s proprietary DisputeLab™, for instance, optimizes each step in the dispute cycle. This makes the process of resolving chargeback disputes faster and more efficient.

We understand the serious challenges facing financial institutions in the present environment. In response, Fi911 will offer merchant onboarding, post-transaction monitoring, lifecycle management, and reconciliation services as part of our AI-driven platform.

Leading the technology integration and development is Sandeep Menon, Chief Technology Officer of Fi911. Sandeep has over 20 years’ experience in building information systems and financial products for the likes of First Data, Western Union, ICICI bank, PaySys, NCR Europe and several Fortune 1000 companies and banks worldwide.

“The great thing about this platform is the amount of efficiency and efficacy that can be achieved by removing legacy redundancies,” Sandeep explained. “Each component of our new technology suite is designed to complement an acquirer’s business structure, reducing the increasing pressure to grow and innovate while cutting costs. It supports institutions with cost savings, increased insight and diverse value-adds, creating a competitive edge that resolves pain-points and helps them stay ahead of the curve.”

Customizable Solutions for Every Financial Institution

Fi911’s product suite is entirely customizable, enabling institutions to easily cater to their customers’ needs while remaining compliant. “Working closely with some of the largest institutions and payment processors across the globe, with the goal to better understand key challenges, has empowered us to create a solution that’s not only built for our current climate, but designed for tomorrow,” says Chargebacks911 Co-Founder Monica Eaton-Cardone.

Components can be reconfigured in real-time to respond to changes in policy, extraordinary circumstances, or adapt to day-to-day business needs. Plus, FIs can make changes to logic, rules, routing, decisions, and associated configuration, all without the need to incorporate additional technology. This saves time and money, allowing FIs to refocus on serving their clients.

“Fragmentation and evolving complexities have always inspired our roadmap. Being entirely cloud-based – with the use of artificial intelligence – combined with the deep experience of our SMEs, the once thought ‘impossible’ is within reach. With the understanding that we can’t solve today’s problem with yesteryear’s solution – Fi911 was developed for the scale and scope required to ensure sustainable growth, protect brand integrity, and safeguard the customer experience.

“With advancements of this sort, you can’t always remove the human component, but it is possible to dramatically streamline the process and drive efficiencies for all related activities – a much-needed development for every stakeholder in the value chain.”

Monica Eaton-Cardone Chargebacks911

Holistic Strategies for a Complex Space

We identified the need for a better exchange of data that integrates the requirements of merchants and institutions. In response, the Fi911 platform provides FIs with the ability to manage and engage their entire ecosystem. This includes back-end processing platforms, agents, partners, merchants, or third-party intelligence feedback.

Fi911 supports traditional card payments, alternative payment methods, loyalty programs, and real-time collaboration tools. FIs now have the power to extend plug-and-play connections to hundreds of data sources through a single integration. By enabling acquirers with more intelligent tools, more data connections, and more flexibility, Fi911 hopes to encourage stronger data-led decision-making and more proactive action to be taken for all chargeback-related activities.

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