How to Reap the Benefits of Cross-Border eCommerce in 2023Chargebacks911® CEO in New Feature for IMRG

May 25, 2023 | 2 min read


Monica Eaton, CEO of Chargebacks911, was invited to share her insights in a new feature covering payments and VAT optimization for IMRG.

Founded in 1990, Interactive Media in Retail Group is a trade association focused on helping online retailers and brands to better understand and improve their overall performance. IMRG has grown to become the UK’s largest eCommerce membership community in recent years. Composed of retailers, brands, and technology partners, they encourage cooperation between brands and technology partners to forge sustainable relationships.

As explained in the piece, managing tax and creating a secure payments strategy is key to eCommerce success. “Doing business internationally is a great decision for almost any business,” Monica explains. “Increasing your company’s addressable market can only be a good thing – provided that companies keep an eye on how international commerce changes how fraud, chargebacks, and compliance work.”

Monica goes on to note the example of strong customer authentication, or SCA. This is a good example of how inconsistent practices create opportunities for scammers.

“For example, although Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is required across much of Europe,” Monica says. “A large part of the world doesn’t use it. This is where ‘ecommerce systems should adapt to the different rules in different countries.”

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