Golden Quarter Won’t Be Like Any OtherChargebacks911® CEO Offers Her Insights in New Feature for InternetRetailing

November 10, 2023 | 2 min read

Internet Retailing

The holiday shopping season is approaching. However, as Chargebacks911 CEO Monica Eaton notes in a new guest feature for InternetRetailing, this will be followed by the annual ‘chargeback hangover’, and retailers need to get prepared.

InternetRetailing is “the magazine, portal and research source for European eXommerce and multichannel retail.” They are one of the leading titles for professionals in multichannel retail and eXommerce across the UK & Europe, providing insight, analysis, in-depth research and events, focused on driving performance in our dynamic sector.

2023 is going to be different from previous years in recent memory. Economic concerns, coupled with high inflation and limited disposable income for consumers means many will be looking to reduce costs. One way in which buyers may do this is through payment disputes.

“During the holiday rush, many online merchants underestimate the sheer volume of traffic they’ll experience, leading to transaction disputes piling up,”. Monica notes. “This backlog can frustrate customers, prompting more of them to resort to chargebacks rather than attempting to resolve the issue directly with the merchant.”

Monica insists taht merchants have to take a proactive approach to weather these headwinds. “Implementing a multi-layered, omnichannel strategy is essential for navigating the 2023 Golden Quarter effectively,” she says.

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