Chargebacks911® Featured in LA Business Journal

October 28, 2021 | 2 min read

Chargebacks911® Featured in LA Business Journal

Leading Digital Business Outlet Spotlights Our Involvement in LIFT Mentor Program

Back in June, we announced our UK-based subsidiary, Fi911, was launching a new mentorship program called LIFT, with the aim of creating new opportunities for women in fintech. A new feature for the Los Angeles Business Journal takes a closer look at this program and examines how it stands to change the world of finance.

Each week, the award-winning Los Angeles Business Journal examines the many ways that the LA economy operates. Their first-rate editorial and research teams provide in-depth analyses of the community’s dynamic business and economic scene, with entrepreneur profiles, news and analysis, and investment and finance coverage.

As noted in the piece, LIFT: Elevating Women in Fintech facilitates free, one-on-one meetings with industry leaders and entrepreneurs on an on-demand basis. The aim is to advocate for women in fintech and create new opportunities to this underrepresented group.

“We often hear about the benefits of mentorship, but many find it unattainable,” Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton explains in the piece. “Especially in an industry where there is such gender disparity – women currently only make up 7% of fintech startup founders – it can be difficult to find female mentors. On the other hand, influential women are often stretched to take on as many mentorships as they would like. That’s why we chose this format for LIFT.”

Nearly one dozen female leaders in payments are already participating the program as mentors. With time, we hope more women will volunteer their efforts—especially those who benefitted from the program first-hand!

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