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chargeback definition

Chargeback Definition

Chargeback Definition: What Exactly is a Chargeback?

It’s not hard to come up with a simple chargeback definition: a chargeback is a forced payment reversal carried out at the bank level. There’s a lot of nuance and the gray area between the lines which a simple,

Chargeback Reasons

Chargeback Reasons

Chargeback Reasons: Why Do Customers File Disputes?

Chargeback reason codes are meant to offer insight into why customers file disputes. This is because chargebacks have morphed into something completely different over the last few years.

Scary Chargeback Facts

Scary Chargeback Facts

13 Chilling Chargeback Stats GUARANTEED to Keep You Up at Night

When most people think of a monster, the first thing that comes to mind may be a vampire, werewolf, or some other creature that goes “bump” in the night.

chargeback scheme

Chargeback Scheme

How Much Do You Know About the Chargeback Scheme?

The chargeback scheme was devised by and for the payments industry. If you’ve been a merchant long enough, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with it.

what is a chargeback on a credit card

Credit Card Chargebacks

What is a Chargeback on a Credit Card? Is There a Reason Why We Say “Don’t File Chargebacks”?

There's never been a better time to be a consumer. Thanks to the internet, nearly anything you could want is as close as your phone or laptop.

History of Chargebacks

The History of Chargebacks

The Evolution & History of Chargebacks

The history of chargebacks really doesn't go back very far: less than fifty years, in fact. In that short span of time, however, what started as a consumer protection mechanism evolved into a dangerous threat.

Chargeback Life Cycle

Chargeback Life Cycle

Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Chargeback Life Cycle

The chargeback life cycle seems like a pretty simple, straightforward process. The customer makes a purchase, disputes it, then it’s your turn to fight the dispute.

Chargeback Process

Chargeback Process

Your Step-By-Step Guide to the Chargeback Process

The chargeback dispute process is costly, confusing, and time-consuming. There are challenges for everyone involved, and merchants might just have it the worst of all.
Fighting a chargeback is hard…but winning a chargeback dispute is even harder.

Chargeback Costs

Chargeback Costs

What is the Cost of Chargebacks? The Truth Will SHOCK You.

How much do you think businesses lost to chargebacks in 2017? $10 billion? Maybe even $20 billion? If you guessed that the total cost of chargebacks came to $31 billion in a single year…sorry,

Debit Card Chargeback

Debit Card Chargeback

How do Credit Card & Debit Card Chargebacks Differ?

Most of today's consumers are familiar with debit, credit, and prepaid cards, often using the terms—and the cards themselves—interchangeably. This can lead to problems, in some cases,