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Discover card chargeback

Discover Card Chargebacks

What Makes Discover Card Chargebacks Different From Other Disputes?

Transactions using a Discover credit card are the same as a Visa or Mastercard transaction in many ways. However, there is a key difference between these card networks: unlike Visa and Mastercard,

Amazon chargeback email

Amazon Chargeback Email

Got an Amazon Chargeback Email? Here’s How You Can Recover Your Money.

Working through an online marketplace like Amazon offers some great benefits to you as a merchant. You can manage inventory, invoice customers,

Bank Chageback

Bank Chargebacks

What is a Bank Chargeback? What Makes it Different From Other Disputes?

Bank chargebacks are disputes initiated by a cardholder’s issuing bank. The motivations and processes involved are different from a conventional customer dispute.

Merchant Error Chargebacks

Merchant Error Chargebacks

15 Merchant Errors That Can Cause Chargebacks

Did you know that simple merchant errors represent the vast majority of preventable chargebacks?
It’s true; like most merchants, you might assume that criminal fraud is the greatest chargeback threat facing your business.

cash app chargeback

Cash App Chargeback

Is Cash App Right for Your Business? What About Cash App Chargebacks?

As of 2020, Cash App is one of the top 10 finance apps in the US market in terms of monthly users.

coronavirus chargebacks

Coronavirus Chargebacks

COVID-19 Pandemic Likely to Include a Surge in Chargeback Activity

Article by Monica Eaton-Cardone, COO Chargebacks911®
World leaders, health professionals, and countless ordinary people around the world are working tirelessly to curb the spread of COVID-19,

AFD Chargebacks

AFD Chargebacks

How Can Retailers Prevent Pain at the Pump Due to Chargebacks?

Customers tend to assume gas stations take in money hand-over-fist. The reality is that operators of automated fuel dispensers (AFDs) generally have very thin margins.

Twitch Chargeback

Twitch Chargebacks

More and More Streamers Suffer from Twitch Chargebacks Each Year

Livestreaming is, of course, already a major market, with Twitch.tv and other global platforms expected to generate $125 billion annually by 2021. The meteoric rise of the livestream has a downside,

Back-to-School Chargebacks

Back-to-School Chargebacks

Get Ready for a Post-Summer Increase in Sales…and Chargebacks

In most quarters of the retail industry, merchants tend to notice a slump in sales during the summer months.
There are no major gift-giving holidays between May and August,

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