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Pre-Compliance Chargeback

Pre-Compliance Chargeback

Pre-Compliance Chargeback: What Happened to Reason Code 98?

A pre-compliance chargeback was once used to dispute chargeback issues between network members. Used in situations where an association rule had been violated, pre-compliance chargebacks were the “reason” behind Visa reason code 98.

visa debit chargeback

Visa Debit Chargeback

Everything You Need to Know About Visa Debit Chargebacks

A Visa debit chargeback is similar, but not identical, to a traditional credit card chargeback. Most eCommerce merchants are likely familiar with the concept of a chargeback: a customer calls the bank with a complaint,

Twitch Chargeback

Twitch Chargebacks

More and More Streamers Suffer from Twitch Chargebacks Each Year

Livestreaming is, of course, already a major market, with and other global platforms expected to generate $125 billion annually by 2021. The meteoric rise of the livestream has a downside,

Dating Site Chargebacks

Dating Site Chargebacks

Kiss Chargebacks Goodbye with These Helpful Tips for Dating Site Operators

The popularity of online dating grew exponentially over the last few years. According to data published by IbisWorld, online dating services in the US saw 11% annual growth between 2014 and 2019.

Back-to-School Chargebacks

Back-to-School Chargebacks

Get Ready for a Post-Summer Increase in Sales…and Chargebacks

In most quarters of the retail industry, merchants tend to notice a slump in sales during the summer months.
There are no major gift-giving holidays between May and August,

PayPal Chargeback

PayPal Chargeback

A PayPal Chargeback: Is the Seller Protection Program Enough?

PayPal is one of the world’s largest and most recognizable payment companies. They boast over 203 million active accounts in 200 markets worldwide. Buyers and sellers trust Paypal because of its reputation for security and its user protection plans.

Mastercard Chargebacks

Mastercard Chargeback

The Mastercard Chargeback Process: What Merchants Should Know

What happens when  you receive a Mastercard chargeback? Generally, the Mastercard chargeback process is much like other card networks. At the same time, each scheme handles the process slightly differently.

PayPal Chargeback Fees

PayPal Chargeback Fee

What is the PayPal Chargeback Fee Schedule? Who’s Responsible for Paying?

Most people are familiar with PayPal as a P2P (person-to-person) payments platform. The company pioneered the concept that’s now been taken up by newcomers like Venmo and Zelle.

Venmo Chargeback

Venmo Chargeback

Scammers Walk Off With the Goods, Leaving You to Deal With Venmo Chargebacks

Over 50 million people will take advantage of P2P mobile payments platforms like Venmo or Zelle in 2018. Like millions of other merchants,