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4834- ATM Disputes

4834- ATM Disputes

Mastercard Reason Code 4834 ATM Disputes

Mastercard chargeback reason code 4834 is one of the numeric labels assigned by banks to each customer dispute, indicating the given reason for the claim. We say the given reason because it may or may not reflect the true reason.

Under certain circumstances, networks like Mastercard may allow consumers to reverse a payment card transaction by filing a chargeback. Chargebacks were designed to be a “last-resort” for disagreements that cannot be resolved with the merchant, but are more and more often used as a loophole to commit fraud.

Reason code 4834 falls under the broad category of “Point of Interaction Errors,” meaning something went wrong at the time the transaction took place. The code can be used in specific scenarios, many of which had their own individual codes at one time. When necessary, an additional message will be provided along with the reason code to inform the merchant which particular type of chargeback applies to the claim.

In claims featuring a 4834 reason code, one of the possible causes is “ATM Disputes,” or claims regarding automatic teller machine transactions.

Should Merchants Worry About Reason Code 4834 Chargebacks?

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What Is an ATM Dispute Chargeback?

A chargeback with reason code 4834 may refer to disputes in which the cardholder participated in an ATM cash withdrawal, but claims to have not received part—or all—of the cash amount requested. It can also refer to situations where the cardholder’s account has been debited more than once for the same transaction.

The code cannot be used if the cardholder is claiming the transaction is fraud. This would fall under a different Mastercard reason code.

Merchants are unlikely to see a chargeback filed using this reason code. This is because reason code 4834 is tied to ATM interactions, rather than retail or other card purchases. But, in the unlikely event that a merchant receives a chargeback claiming an ATM error, it’s important to note that cardholder’s dispute is limited to the amount or value not received.

Issuers must wait at least five days to file chargebacks with an ATM dispute reason code. Also, cases must be initiated no more than 120 calendar days from the transaction processing date.

Chargeback Prevention: A Wider View

Banks and merchants offering ATM services rarely have to deal with ATM disputes. There are types of chargebacks that can cause substantial revenue loss, though.

Banks can keep record of the withdrawal information to help prevent illegitimate claims. However, fraudulent chargeback claims are another matter; friendly fraud is post-transactional in nature, meaning there’s no sure way to identify it beforehand. Banks can do everything “right,” yet still have customer dispute filed against them.

It’s generally more efficient to take a proactive stance when it comes to chargeback management, but a truly effective strategy must encompass both prevention and disputing cases of friendly fraud. Chargebacks911® can help your business manage all aspects of chargeback reason codes, with proprietary technologies and experience-based expertise.

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