WATCH NOW: Exclusive Interview With Guy Harris of Chargebacks911®!We’re Chatting With Guy Harris, Chairman of the Board at Chargebacks911

August 1, 2023 | 2 min read

WATCH NOW: Exclusive Interview With Guy Harris of Chargebacks911®!

Guy Harris has been a prominent thought leader in the financial industry for many years. He filled a pivotal role at Bank of America in merchant services, introducing a number of innovations in that time.

As he relayed in this new interview, Guy never would have believed you if you’d told him eighteen months ago that he’d soon be serving as Chairman of the Board for a company he’d barely heard of. We recently sat down with Guy to get his take on this unexpected course alteration.

“I was head of merchant services at Bank of America when Monica approached me,” he explained. “We talked about various approaches to the way businesses are run, and I was fascinated by the growth that had occurred at Chargebacks911.”

When asked what convinced him to make the move to Cb911, Guy quickly pointed to Monica herself, whom he describes as “a force of nature.” Beyond that, however, was the company’s incredible growth and powerful platform.

“We’re talking about a company that started from nothing a decade ago and now boasts 2.5 million merchant customers and 50 financial institutions,” he said. “We’ve clearly established that we offer a product that is second to none in this sector.

At the same time, Guy stated that he was also drawn to the company’s culture. “Business is a serious endeavor that needs to be focused on, but it’s also about having fun,” he said, adding that he was absolutely blown away by Cb911’s culture: “What I see when I look at the company is enthusiastic people doing a great job and wanting to be part of the company’s future.”

It was this combination of elements — product, scale, and culture — that made Guy excited to be part of the team. “I feel I’m able to add value to the company as they move to the next stage of the journey. We’re looking to triple the size of the business within the next three years, and from what I have already seen and experienced here, I know that goal is completely attainable.”

Watch more highlights of our interview with Guy Harris below:

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