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Mastercom Collaboration

Mastercom Collaboration

Mastercom Collaboration is Coming. Here’s What That Means for Merchants & Banks.

Let’s say that you’re a merchant. You want to do right by your customers and provide them with the best service possible.

Web Authentication Authn

Web Authentication

Beyond Passwords: Better Security Using Web Authentication API

Would it surprise you that over three-quarters of all hacking-related breaches involve weak or stolen passwords?
Let's be honest here: passwords had their day. They were helpful for a time,

Mastercard Installments

Mastercard Installments

Adopting Mastercard Installments May Help You Boost Sales & Revenue

At this point, you’ve probably seen a “buy now, pay later” option presented to you at checkout a few times.
With the rise of third-party payment apps like Klarna,

Cash back on debit card

Cash Back on a Debit Card

Offering Cash Back on a Debit Card Purchase: Here's What You Need to Know

Offering cash back on a debit card transaction benefits both you and your customers. In a retail world where eCommerce is consistently eroding in-person sales,

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Managing the Internet of Things & Fraud Threats in an Increasingly-Interconnected Marketplace

The Internet of Things—commonly referred to as “IoT”—was one of the most hyped new concepts of the last decade. IoT technologies poured onto the market,

EMV Chargebacks & Liability

EMV Liability Shift

EMV Liability Shift: Where Things Stand

The EMV liability shift introduced by the major credit card networks went into effect October 2015. It was designed to encourage merchants, banks, and consumers to make EMV “chip” cards their preferred type of payment card transaction.

SMS Verification

SMS Verification

How SMS Verification Can Help You Reduce Risk and Identify Your Customers

Verifying customers can be a pain, even under the best of circumstances. It can be a bigger problem during peak sales periods,

COVID-19 & New Payment Channels

COVID-19 & New Payment Channels

Merchants Explore New Payment Channels to Survive the Pandemic. But What Are the Risks?

Online merchants have long known the importance of providing multiple payment options. The more channels through which customers can give you money means…well…more customers will give you money.

PCI-DSS compliance

PCI-DSS Compliance

PCI-DSS Compliance: Protecting Merchants and Their Customers.

When we talk about PCI-DSS compliance (sometimes shortened simply to PCI compliance), the conversation usually centers on the need for merchants to be “up to code.” In other words,



Will Your Next Credit Card Run on Batteries Thanks to dCVV2?

After years of testing and speculation, we may soon see payment cards with dynamic CVV codes—a technology called dCVV2—hit the global market.
The first CVV (card verification value) codes were a direct response to the growth in online shopping.

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