Nexio Partnership

We're Proud to Announce Our Partnership With Payments Leader Nexio

As part of our latest partnership, Nexio will now benefit from our end-to-end dispute management, reaping transformative results for their merchants.

Nexio gives companies control over their payments, connecting them to the best-in-class tools and the ability to scale where and when they are ready. Their technology provides a payments orchestration layer built with a modern technology stack in a modular and agile form that integrates with merchants to enable them to access the payment technologies needed. We're very excited to incorporate out technologies into the Nexio ecosystem!

With chargebacks becoming more of a problem each year, Nexio is taking action by leveraging Chargebacks911’s industry-leading technology. This new partnership lets Nexio deliver increased value to their merchants, while protecting and defending against chargebacks and disputes. Our suite of platforms addresses every stage of the process, from customer service before the sale takes place, through to revenue recovery. This end-to-end approach delivers a better experience for merchants, offering a competitive advantage and a faster path to revenue growth.

“We are delighted to work with Nexio and offer them a competitive differentiation and the room to maximize market potential,” says Andy Tierney, VP Of Strategic Accounts at Chargebacks911. “By delivering transformative results through this integration and tackling chargeback disputes, we hope to improve the longevity of Nexio’s merchants and improve the outcome for every point on the payment chain.”

Rob Marriot, Chief Sales Officer, at Nexio, adds: “At Nexio, we offer a payment platform that empowers merchants to control payments. Joining forces with Chargebacks911 further strengthens our promise to provide increased optionality. This strategic partnership will widen our decline recovery offering, helping our merchants to protect their revenue and providing them with chargeback data in real-time. This is a real competitive differentiator.”

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