Chargebacks911® COO Weighs-in on Gender Balance for Finextra

Monica Eaton Offers Her Insight on New Fintech Diversity Radar Report

Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton has been outspoken on the need for greater female representation in fintech for many years. In a new feature for Finextra, spotlighting the recently-published Fintech Diversity Radar report, Monica shares her first-hand insights regarding the current state of the industry.

Finextra is a leading independent news and information source for the worldwide financial technology community. Finextra covers wholesale and retail banking, capital markets, insurance, and more. They also publish a wide range of research articles, features, white papers, and case studies.

According to the report, women make up 11% of all board members, and occupy 19% of executive positions, at Western fintech firms. The good news, as Monica notes, is that the distribution is actually much higher in developing markets.

“There are signs of hope in the progress being made in the Middle East and Africa, where significantly more women are present in boardrooms,” she notes. “In this report, Findexable have given the industry another wake-up call, and now it’s down to all of us to listen.”

As noted in the piece, this isn’t just another report aimed at firing data into the dark. The Fintech Diversity Radar report will be the subject of a London Roundtable of global stakeholders set to take place this December. There, leaders and influencers from around the global fintech space will gather to discuss the findings and build a global index to track and accelerate progress.

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