Chargeback Representment Articles

Chargeback and debt collection

Chargeback Debt Collection

Representment or Debt Collection: Which is the Best Path to Revenue Recovery?

Is debt collection the same thing as chargeback representment? While both methods focus on recovering revenue, there are considerable differences between the two.

chargeback rebuttal letter

Chargeback Rebuttal Letters

Credit Card Chargeback Rebuttal Letters: The Complete Merchant’s Guide

A credit card chargeback rebuttal letter is key to successfully challenging a payment card chargeback. You can fight illegitimate chargebacks through the representment process, but you’ll need a strong rebuttal letter if you hope to get the chargeback reversed.

Chargeback Form

Chargeback Form

Chargeback Form Templates: Building a Better Chargeback Response

As a merchant, you have the option to submit a response and try to recover your funds any time you receive a chargeback. This process is called representment,

compelling evidence chargeback

Compelling Evidence

What Compelling Evidence Can Be Used to Challenge Chargebacks?

“Compelling evidence” is one of the key components of a winning chargeback dispute.
Let’s assume you dispute a chargeback through the representment process. You’re allowed to push back against chargebacks you feel are unjustified,

PayPal Resolution Center

PayPal Resolution Center

How the PayPal Resolution Center Helps Resolve PayPal Disputes

PayPal is unique compared to many other options for card processing and acquiring services. The company serves in multiple capacities, supporting person-to-person online money transfers,

Chargeback Representment Process

Chargeback Representment

The Chargeback Representment Process Explained

Chargeback representment is a process that gives you a “second chance” to get paid for any legitimate transactions that a customer tries to dispute. Representment is an important and powerful tool,

chargeback win rate

Chargeback Win Rate

The Top 5 Tips to Maximize Your Chargeback Win Rate

Your chargeback-to-transaction ratio offers insight on how well you prevent chargebacks. But what about the chargebacks you can’t avoid? How do you gauge the effectiveness of your chargeback response?

merchant chargeback rights

Merchant Chargeback Rights

How You Can Uphold Your Merchant Chargeback Rights

Chargeback rights help ensure consumers never get stuck paying for credit card purchases they didn't make. All cardholders have the right to file a chargeback against corrupt merchants and/or in instances of fraud or identity theft.

Chargeback Excuses

Chargeback Excuses

Top 4 Reasons Merchants DON’T Fight Chargebacks

Chargebacks are an issue for just about everyone in the eCommerce space. Most online businesses will at least see the occasional chargeback, while some merchants are hit so frequently,

Pre-Arbitration Chargeback

Pre-Arbitration Chargeback

Pre-Arbitration Chargebacks: Do They Benefit Merchants at All?

What is pre-arbitration? Well, that’s a complicated question. The first thing to take note of is that, although people often use arbitration chargeback, pre-arbitration, and pre-arbitration chargeback interchangeably,