“Buy Now Pay Later” with Monica Eaton, Founder of Chargebacks911®Chargebacks911® CEO Makes Appearance on the Ross Kaminsky Show

May 1, 2023 | 1 min read

Ross Kaminsky Show

Chargebacks911 Founder and CEO Monica Eaton was recently interviewed as a guest on the Ross Kaminsky Show.

The Ross Kaminsky Show, of course hosted by Ross Kaminsky, is a morning show broadcast from Denver from 9AM until noon every weekday. Ross, a former contributor to the National Review, the Federalist, and other sites, brings his insights to discuss daily news and politics.

The focus of the interview was the appeal — and the risks — of buy now pay later (BNPL) programs. This shopping model has exploded in popularity in recent years. "Most people might think this is just some sort of financing option,” Monica says. “I think, to make it simple, this is really a type of product where, as an option, instead of checking out through an online shopping cart and paying, say, $200 as one charge... [BNPL] separates the payment so that you pay less today.”

Ross also spoke with Monica about Chargebacks911, describing it as “something that addresses a serious business need.”

“We provide solutions that help business owners and banks communicate back and forth when they get claims that are filed against previous sales,” Monica explains, elaborating on Chargeback911’s role in the payment ecosystem.

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