Why the “Click-to-Cancel” Amendment Makes SenseNew Payments Dive Opinion Piece From Chargebacks911® Founder Monica Eaton

August 11, 2023 | 1 min read

Payments Dive

Chargebacks911 Founder and CEO Monica Eaton was recently invited to share her thoughts on new FTC rules in an opinion piece for Payments Dive.

Payments Dive is an outlet operated by Industry Dive, providing in-depth journalism and insight into the most impactful news and trends shaping finance. Their newsletters and website cover topics such as financial reporting, compliance, technology, risk management, leadership, and more.

Negative option services are somewhat controversial, though it is an entirely legitimate business practice. However, to ensure fairness and consumer protection, the FTC recently refined their rules to propose a “click-to-cancel” amendment.

“This proposal reflects the growing consumer demand for an easier subscription cancellation process,” Monica says in the piece. “However, this isn’t only in the interests of consumers; simplifying the cancellation process and making it more “customer friendly” is in the interests of merchants as well.”

Monica goes on to say that this is a step toward a more consumer-friendly experience. It may also help merchants by be preventing cases of first-party chargeback misuse. “This will encourage retailers to be more proactive in providing comprehensive self-service tools that cater to the changing needs of consumers,” she says.

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