Why Educating Consumers & Merchants on Chargebacks is ImportantChargebacks911® Chairman Guy Harris Delves Into Chargebacks in New Episode of PA Insights Podcast

August 10, 2023 | 2 min read

Payments Association

Guy Harris, Chairman of Chargebacks911, recently sat down with Jyoti Rambhai of the Insights Podcast, presented by the Payments Association, to discuss the intricacies of chargebacks.

The Payments Association is the largest community in payments. Founded in 2008, the association operates in the UK, EU and Asia, helping almost 300 companies enhance their commercial interests, solve societal problems such as financial exclusion and evaluate new opportunities for innovation in payments.

In the episode, Guy and Jyoti explored changes in the payments and banking space and the impact that chargebacks have on merchants. By the end, listeners should better understand the challenges facing the industry, and what the industry can do to ensure a smoother transaction experience amid an evolving landscape of disputed transactions.

“Payments, in particular, have become a core part of what banks, issuers, need to do with their customers,” Guy says. “And I think that has a significant impact on chargebacks.”

Looking at the industry broadly, Guy suggests that all players need to be more targeted about the problems that everyone is seeking to address. “It's clear that we need to get, as an industry, much clearer on what we see being the core issue that we're addressing with chargebacks,” he added.

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