Life’s a Beach at Chargebash 2024!We Invited Some of Our Closest Partners & Payments Industry Influencers to Join Us!

May 13, 2024 | 2 min read

Life’s a Beach at Chargebash 2024!

Another unforgettable Chargebash is in the books!

You know that the payments space changes fast. Every year brings new rule updates, process changes, and compliance standards modifications. Digesting all these changes can be a real chore — that’s why we invite some of our closest partners and enterprise-level clients to join us each spring for a more fun and interactive approach to chargeback education.

The Chargebash isn’t just another boring industry seminar. From May 8-10, our guests took in three amazing days of sun, sand, and synergy at the scenic Sandpearl Hotel on Clearwater Beach. Our stacked agenda for the event included everything from a pre-party with steel drums on the beach, to insightful conferences, and even a thrilling pirate ship adventure!

We’re incredibly grateful to all our partners and clients who joined us for this year’s event. While we work hard to ensure that the Chargebash is a great event every year, it’s all of you who really make it a world-class production.

Missed this year’s event? The sun may have set on the Chargebash 2024, but keep a weather eye on the horizon. This ship will be pulling back into port next year, mateys!

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