The Most Comprehensive Chargeback Guide Available

The Geek's Guide to Chargebacks...Everything You Need to Know!


Technology, prevention techniques, fraud tactics, terminology—it all changes so quickly. How are you supposed to learn everything there is to know about chargebacks?!

We've created the most detailed resource manual available, everything you need to geek out on chargebacks. Think of this guide as the introductory course for your chargeback education.

Our chargeback guide tells you...

  • What chargebacks are
  • When consumers can lawfully use chargebacks and the latest trend for filing illegitimate claims
  • How these disputes affect your bottom line
  • Why merchants continue to lose the chargeback battle
  • How much more you can earn by fighting back
  • And so much more!

Knowledge is power. If you want to successfully prevent chargebacks and start recouping lost profits, you must understand the deadly weapon consumers are capable of wielding against your business.


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