eCommerce Vlogcast | Episode 20David Pirtle of Chargebacks911® Featured on the Podcast

February 23, 2024 | 2 min read

eCommerce Vlogcast | Episode 20

David Pirtle, VP of Enterprise Engagement at Chargebacks911, was recently asked to sit in and share his thoughts on the latest episode of the eCommerce Vlogcast.

Merchant is one of Canada's longest established and most highly respected providers of e-commerce credit card processing. They have been helping businesses to accept credit cards online in every major currency from around the world for over 23 years. Their expertise within the field of multi-currency eCommerce payments is unmatched within Canada.

Host David Goodale posed a number of questions and thoughts to David during the show. The two discussed topics including why some merchants view chargebacks as a “lost cause,” and why that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I do disagree with that,” David says. “Now most of the in-house teams do tackle this. It's kind of like being on a treadmill. You create a business. You start working on it, you're walking along, and then you get this piece of paperwork thrown at you and it's like, okay, well I just got a chargeback. I'll respond to it. Here's the information on it, and then it's usually not reversed. Then of course, as your business grows, you start getting stacks of paperwork and you're still running your business. This is just the side project that becomes apparent and it's time consuming because it's manual. It takes a lot of time to research to try to figure out the reason. All that, complexity comes along with just reviewing and, and responding to a chargeback.”

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