Comprehensive Chargeback Management

Don't Accept Chargebacks as a Cost of Doing Business!

True Chargeback Management… Before & After the Transaction.

The problem with most chargeback "solutions" is that they only focus on one aspect of chargeback management. Only a comprehensive approach focused on both prevention AND revenue recovery will work.

Chargebacks911 is the original end-to-end chargeback management platform. We’re the first global company dedicated to managing chargeback fraud from both sides of the equation: risk mitigation before the sale, and representment for post-transaction coverage. Nobody else can offer our comprehensive, multi-tiered solution:

To Stop Chargebacks, Start at the Source.

Management tactics based on reason codes only address symptoms, not the actual problem. In the end, all chargebacks can be traced to one of three sources, and the best management strategy changes based on the true source of the chargeback:

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Merchant Error

Seemingly insignificant errors and policy oversights can lead to substantial profit loss.

Criminal Fraud

Crooks make illegitimate purchases, and the merchant ultimately becomes the victim.

Chargeback Fraud

Cardholders exploit loopholes in the process, using invalid chargebacks to steal from merchants.

Chargebacks911 is the only service provider on the market today capable of identifying chargeback sources, thereby producing unparalleled results.

Interested in learning which of the three chargeback sources is your greatest weakness?

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Identify Merchant Error

As many as half of all chargebacks filed against a business are the result of simple errors and oversight on the merchant’s part.

The exclusive Chargebacks911 Merchant Compliance Review offers unparalleled insight into merchant processes and identifies actionable steps to reduce chargebacks and increase win rates.

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Prevent Criminal Fraud

Chargebacks911 integrates directly with third-party fraud solutions, providing valuable feedback for accurate fraud decisioning.

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Dispute Chargeback Fraud

Criminal fraud filters won't catch most friendly fraud, but merchants can still fight back! Chargebacks911's Tactical Chargeback Representment optimizes your revenue recovery strategy.

Other providers might copy our promises, but they can’t offer our win rates or our performance-based ROI guarantee. We win more cases, AND we identify new dispute opportunities.

Helping Customers Prevent Chargebacks & Recover Revenue

“We’ve successfully redeployed our in-house team and are consistently experiencing over 300% ROI. We get feedback that has helped us reduce operational liabilities and have the luxury to focus on improving our quality of service instead of worrying about processing chargebacks. Best decision we have made!”


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Machine Learning or Human Intelligence?
We Say "Both!"

Automation can be highly effective…if key factors can be predicted. But chargebacks are mostly built on human choices, so there will always be unpredictability. Accurate results cannot be generated with fully automated platforms.

Chargebacks911 incorporates human intelligence into every aspect of our prevention and dispute efforts. Our multilayer quality control at each stage of the chargeback management process creates the most compelling disputes possible.

Meticulous attention to detail prevents any errors that could potentially damage the merchant-issuer relationship. Our personal involvement identifies and remedies issues that automation can’t address. That's how we can guarantee unparalleled results and maximum ROI.