Paid for Grades 2022

Chargebacks911 Surpasses $1 Million Given to Help Local Students Achieve Their Dreams

Students from three different Pinellas County high schools are starting the summer off with an extra $500 in their pockets. More than 100 high school freshmen from Hollins, Lakewood, and Boca Ciega High Schools earned those rewards because of their improved performance in the classroom through Paid for Grades, a nonprofit venture supported by Chargebacks911.

Paid for Grades is a program that rewards 9th-grade Pinellas County students for improving their reading skills and overall GPA.  These kids worked with mentors over the course of several months.  The goal of the program is to help students cultivate strong academic habits that set them on the path for success.

123 students made it to the end of the program making it the largest class of in the program’s 10-year history, including awards for students, mentors, and schools, Chargebacks911 made a record $123,000 donation to the program this year. Since the program was founded in 2013, we’ve contributed more than $1 million to local students and schools.

This year’s program graduates were celebrated with a ceremony Wednesday night at Hollins High School, inviting students to pick up their checks and be cheered on by friends and family:

Paid for Grades was the vision of Chargebacks911 Co-founder and COO, Monica Eaton. With the support of the Pinellas Education Foundation, hundreds of local students have increased their GPA and seen improvement in reading comprehension. Eaton is especially proud of how Paid for Grades has benefitted students.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our 2022 graduates,” said Eaton. “These incredible, hardworking students had to overcome social disruptions, economic hardships, and a global pandemic, and they still managed to complete the PFG curriculum. I know these young men and women will continue to do great things both in, and out, of the classroom.”

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