Chargebacks911® Honored for Having the “Best Mental Wellbeing Initiative” for 2024!We've Been Shortlisted for the 2024 Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards!

November 17, 2023 | 2 min read

Chargebacks911® Honored for Having the “Best Mental Wellbeing Initiative” for 2024!

We’re excited to announce that Chargebacks911 have been selected as finalists in the Best Mental Wellbeing Initiative category at the 2024 Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards.

The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards recognizes the people and organizations who are helping to make a true difference to the lives of the working population of the UK. This program shines a spotlight on those positively changing the lives of the British workforce.

At Chargebacks911, we’ve always upheld the physical and mental wellbeing of out team members as two of our highest priorities. We backup that commitment by offering benefits including an onsite gym, and free onsite sessions with personal trainers, yoga instructors, and Zumba classes. We also have a professional massage therapist onsite for our “Stress-Free Friday” initiative, and allow for flexible and hybrid-remote work to accommodate employees’ needs.

“We’re committed to fostering an environment in which our employees feel that they’re valued, and that their wellbeing and happiness is a priority,” says Chargebacks911 CEO Monica Eaton. “Taking care of our people is good business, for sure, but it’s more than that: it’s a duty that we feel we have. Nothing we do would be possible without an incredible team of people, and we have a responsibility to ensure that they’re cared for.”

The Connaught Rooms in London served as the venue for the highly anticipated awards presentation. With an impressive turnout of over 300 attendees, this event will showcase the remarkable achievements of award winners across 16 distinct categories. Notably, the judging panel had the challenging task of reviewing and considering more than 130 exceptional individuals, teams, and organizations in the process of shortlisting the candidates.

Click here to learn more about the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards.

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