Chargebacks911® Contributions Honored by Girls Inc. of Pinellas

Local Charity Group Recognizes Chargebacks911 for Their Donations

We at Chargebacks911 recently got a shout-out from the wonderful folks at Girls Inc. of Pinellas, in recognition of our recent contributions to the organization. Thanks!

Girls Inc. is a national organization founded more than 150 years ago. They focus on providing high-level academic enrichment activities for girls ages 5-18, giving them the skills necessary to succeed. They offer education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), as well as literacy and health and life skills. Through education and experiential, hands-on activities in leadership, they enable girls and young women to see and test out the possibilities of their futures while having fun exploring the present.

We recently made a contribution to Girls Inc. of Pinellas as part of our weekly Take Charge for Charity challenge. Over the last three years, we’ve contributed more than $100,000 to local causes through this program, along with other materials including food items, toys, and school supplies.

Programs like Girls Inc. of Pinellas strike a very specific chord for us at Chargebacks911. Our COO and Co-Founder, Monica Eaton, is a passionate advocate of uplifting and promoting women in business and STEM fields. She also believes that the process of drawing more women into these areas must begin early in life with wider access to educational resources.

As of Girls Inc. of Pinellas Executive Director Darla Otey puts it, “Women like Monica are role models for the girls we serve. We are excited to be inspiring the next generation of female leaders.”

Click here to read the original article, and to learn more about the mission of Girls Inc. of Pinellas.

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