Chargebacks911® Delivers Holiday Surprise for Bay Area Youth!Chargebacks911 Donates New Bicycles to Successful Jocks

January 2, 2023 | 2 min read

Chargebacks911® Delivers Holiday Surprise for Bay Area Youth!

We at Chargebacks911 are proud to announce that we partnered with Successful Jocks to donate more than a dozen new bicycles to young people in the Tampa Bay area!

Successful Jocks is a local non-profit dedicated to making a difference in the lives of student athletes. Successful Jocks was established by Kim Murphy, alongside her son, Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting, with the aim of positively impacting youth to become leaders and role models in the future. 

As part of our “23 Days of Christmas Blessings” program, we at Cb911 donated 14 bikes to the Tampa-based charity, which helps young athletes in the community year round. The organization reports that the bicycles will be distributed to youth who otherwise may not have had a positive Christmas experience.

“We believe we have a responsibility to give back to the community that has supported us and our success,” says Chargebacks911 Founder Monica Eaton. “Successful Jocks is one of many local charities doing good work in the Tampa Bay area.”

We at Cb911 make year-round contributions to our community through our ongoing Take Charge for Charity campaign. However, giving a little extra during this festive season always feels extra special. “It’s heartbreaking to think of a child not receiving a gift at the holidays,” Monica says. “It’s wonderful to know that you can help keep that from happening for at least a few people.”

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