Chargebacks911® COO Offers Retail Predictions for IMRG

Monica Eaton Quoted in New IMRG Blog Post

Monica Eaton, Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911®, was recently asked to provide her 2022 retail predictions for the UK eCommerce Association’s IMRG blog.

The UK's eCommerce community and IMRG are dedicated to the growth of eCommerce. They aim to connect the industry through unique and commercially valuable market data, insight, and best practices, as well as high-quality networking and relationship building.

With the cost of living on the rise, the Ukraine crisis, and gas and electricity spikes, uncertainty seems to be the only reliable constant right now.

According to IMRG, February showed signs of a return to normal spending patterns. However, this may not last. February month-to-month growth stood at -7.7%, which is marginally outside the normal range between -3.5% and -5.5%. This is a minor difference when it comes to growth patterns at times during the pandemic), but what does the data really imply? IMRG asked several payments executives to weigh in on what global markets can expect through the end of the year and beyond.

“Following the turbulence of the last two years, we expect further acceleration of eCommerce and online retail,” Monica suggested. “However, online retailers must be aware that more sales mean more chargebacks and an overall uptick in online fraud. It is because these are both so damaging to companies and require so much effort to counter effectively, that it is essential that retailers look to the market for help in stopping fraud and successfully dispute chargebacks. This will help them grow revenue at an essential time.”

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