The 2021 ‘Diversity for Growth’ Report—Sponsored by Chargebacks911®—is Now Live!

We’re Proud to Sponsor This Vital Research From Findexable

We at Chargebacks911 are pleased to announce the publication of the inaugural Diversity for Growth report published by Findexable!

Over the last several months, we’ve worked closely with the folks at Findexable as part of a new industry initiative, the Fintech Diversity Radar. This is the world’s first platform aimed at gathering progressive data on women in fintech, with the goal of understanding their impact and contribution to the digital economy.

Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton is a member of the Fintech Diversity Radar Advisory Board. She was also happy to help sponsor this initial annual publication from the group.

“What is surprising and encouraging about this report is that companies outside of Europe and North America are making greater strides towards inclusion,” Monica says in regard to the findings. She notes that there are actually more women occupying executive positions in the Middle East and Africa than there are in Europe. She also shares her optimism about the wider drive for financial inclusion, or 'banking the unbanked,' as it’s often called.

“As has been true in previous years, there is a lot that the technology industry, as a whole, has to do to reflect the reality of the world in its hiring practices,” she continues. “I am encouraged by the work that Findexable’s Fintech Diversity Radar has put into this important and timely report.”

Click here to read more about the report, and to download your copy.

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