Mastercard Dispute Resolution

Mastercard Dispute Resolution

How Mastercard Dispute Resolution Affects Merchants

If there’s one constant involved in dealing with chargebacks, it’s that the rules are always changing.
The card networks might roll out some minor updates at any time.

Truth in Lending Act TILA

Truth in Lending Act (TILA)

How the Truth in Lending Act Impacts Consumers & Merchants

Ever shopped around for a home loan, or tried tot find the right credit card for your needs? If so, you know how overwhelming it can be.

Credit Card Dispute Process

Credit Card Dispute

The Credit Card Dispute Process Guide for Cardholders & Merchants

There are few messages that merchants dread more than credit card dispute notifications. Not only do they mean you’re losing a sale and possibly a customer,



Conversion to Compliance: How PSD2 Affects Your Business

Regulators in the EU and UK markets have implemented several sweeping overhauls to payment standards in recent years. Their goal was to create a more standardized,

how do banks investigate disputes

How Do Banks Investigate Disputes?

How Do Banks Investigate Disputes? Let’s Look at the Bank Investigation Process & Find Out.

If a cardholder has a problem with a transaction, and they’re unable to resolve the problem directly with the merchant,

chargeback scheme

Chargeback Scheme

8 Steps to Navigating the Chargeback Scheme

The chargeback scheme was devised by—and for—the payments industry. If you’ve been a merchant long enough, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with it.
Generally speaking, governments provide an outline of the process for card networks to follow.

First-Party Fraud

First-Party Fraud

4 Signs You’ve Been a Victim of First-Party Fraud & How to Respond

When you think about fraud, you probably imagine a shady figure in a dark hoodie, tucked into the corner of some dusty basement.

Debit Card Dispute

Debit Card Disputes

How Debit Card Disputes Affect Both Cardholders & Merchants

Suppose you’re a cardholder trying to get your money back after a purchase. You try to contact the merchant…but they won’t return your emails or answer your calls.

Chargeback Laws

Credit Card Chargeback Laws

Chargeback Laws: What’s the Legal Basis for the Chargeback Process?

You want to do right by your customers. This is especially true when a dispute arises, and you find yourself at odds with a buyer.