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Get instant access to our premium toolkit that will revolutionize the way you manage chargebacks.


ONLY $49.95. A VALUE OF $120.00

An Effective Solution for Your Unmanageable Problems

Losing revenue to chargebacks? You’re not alone.

Merchants lose $40 billion each year to chargebacks. And the short-term revenue loss is nothing compared to the long-term ramifications…

Strained relations with influential industry members

A damaged online reputation that prevents future sales

An inability to generate sustainable growth

Increased processing fees

The loss of payment processing abilities

At Chargebacks911, we not only understand how chargebacks are impacting your bottom line, but also the struggles you face when trying to manage them. That’s why we’ve created a unique chargeback management tool that is proven to help merchants of any sizes in any industry see noticeable results.


Introducing the Chargebacks911™ Master Collection

For the first time ever, Chargebacks911 is sharing our proprietary information so you can effectively start managing chargebacks on your own. Our highly-qualified chargeback specialists share their expertise in six essential resources.

Gain access to our entire library of chargeback management ebooks for just $49.95.

Step-by-step guides help you create a personalized management plan.

Analysis of industry regulations allows you to mitigate risk before it becomes a liability.

Expert insight helps you identify the source of every chargeback and create prevention strategies for each.

Templates and real-world examples increases the efficacy of your disputes, thereby retaining revenue and ensuring sustainability.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain access to proprietary Chargebacks911 information. See how easy it is to create a winning strategy and experience unprecedented results.

What’s Included

The Geek’s Guide to Chargebacks

This simple, straightforward breakdown of complex industry regulations will transform you into the ultimate chargeback geek. We’ll help you master the jargon so you can sail through the chargeback process with ease.


Understanding the Three Sources of Chargebacks

This groundbreaking information will change the way you think about transaction disputes. Our revolutionary approach to chargeback management is the secret to Chargebacks911’s success—and we’re now sharing it with you.


Friendly Fraud: Why it Happens and How to Prevent It

A detailed explanation of one of the most complex issues in eCommerce helps merchants create an effective mitigation strategy—one that has remained elusive for far too long. Identify the true sources of profit loss, prevent more chargebacks, and boost revenue.



35 Simple Steps to Preventing More Chargebacks

Our proven-effective prevention strategies with easy-to-understand implementation tips will take your chargeback management efforts to the next level. Start solving the actual reason for transaction disputes—not just the chargeback symptoms.


How Will Visa’s New Chargeback Regulations Affect Merchants?

Seemingly minor policy updates can have a major impact on your business. We’ll help you stay one step ahead of industry trends, reducing risk and maintaining healthy payment processing accounts.


Chargeback Rebuttal Letter Template & Checklist

Don’t let chargebacks steal another dime. Challenge disputes and be confident of the results—increased revenue recovery. We provide the most effective resource available for creating winning disputes.



The Features

  • Address challenges and shortcomings that are stealing revenue, damaging your reputation, and threatening sustainable growth.
  • Minimize risk without increasing checkout friction, damaging customer retention, or sustaining excessive false positives.
  • Identify chargebacks by their source to create more effective prevention tactics and monetize hidden opportunities.
  • Calculate risk exposure and implement proactive strategies to reduce liability.
  • Use easy-to-implement prevention strategies that address the actual chargeback problem, not merely the symptoms.
  • Analyze complex industry regulations in a simple, straightforward way to fully understand expectations and ramifications.
  • Check step-by-step guides for navigating challenging chargeback management tasks with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy The Chargeback Master Collection™?

The Chargeback Master Collection Thing will help improve your current management efforts in two ways: increased awareness and actionable advice.

First, you need to truly understand the threats your business is exposed to. Otherwise, you’re applying ineffective solutions that target the wrong problem.

Second, you need easy-to-implement tips that are proven to generate results. Clear, concise suggestions help you personalize a plan that is just right for your business.

What’s included?

You’ll get more than 100 pages of insider information—templates, tips, data analysis, predictions, real-world examples—all condensed into a simple, easy-to-understand format.

Who is The Chargeback Master Collection for?

The Chargeback Master Collection is for merchants of all sizes in all industries.

If you want to gain the competitive edge in the eCommerce environment, increase revenue retention, reduce risk, maintain the health of your payment processing accounts, improve the customer experience, or create sustainable growth—this resource is for you!

Still have a question?

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