When a Customer Disputes a Transaction Without Contacting the Merchant

What is one of the biggest complaints merchants have regarding chargebacks? Without first contacting the business, a consumer disputes the transaction with the bank,

Chargeback Fraud: An Overview

As is the case with any other type of fraud, chargeback fraud involves dishonest practices. Although chargebacks are intended to protect consumers from unfair merchants and identity theft, these bank-facilitated refunds are increasingly misused by consumers.

The Best Management Strategies to Avoid Transaction Disputes

While it may be impossible to completely avoid transaction disputes, it is in a business’s best interest to try avoiding chargebacks whenever possible.

What Happens to Businesses Who Don’t Avoid Chargebacks?

Revised MasterCard Reason Codes Took Effect May 2016

Each chargeback is accompanied by a reason code, assigned by the issuer, which explains the supposed motivation for the dispute. Card networks have their own unique list of reason codes,

Writing an eCommerce Return Policy That Decreases Chargebacks

Return policies, believe it or not, have the potential to drive up a merchant's chargeback rate. If, for example, a return policy makes it easier for cardholders to file a chargeback than secure a direct refund,

Why Did I Get a Late Presentment Chargeback?

Chargebacks can be filed against merchants for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, a common cause of chargebacks is merchant error. The late presentment chargeback is a perfect example.

Verified by Visa Only Offers Partial Protection from Chargebacks

As fraudulent activity becomes more commonplace, credit card networks and merchants alike are seeking new ways to reduce the number of unauthorized transactions being processed.

What is Involved in the Chargeback Arbitration Process?

Chargebacks are a consumer protection mechanism, providing an opportunity for cardholders to dispute a credit card transaction. Like all other types of formal disputes, arbitration is available in situations where a decision can’t be reached.

Processors Provide Tools to Help Merchants Retain Revenue

Merchants may sometimes feel like they're alone in the fight against eCommerce fraud. However, that's not the case.
Each of the major credit card networks offers a range of tools to help merchants prevent fraud,

Will Using 3D Secure Help Prevent Chargebacks?

The major credit card networks offer an automated fraud detection tool, known collectively as 3D Secure. Each brand has its own protection program:

Mastercard SecureCode
Verified by Visa
American Express SafeKey

3D Secure can help reduce the risk of chargebacks,