Why Women in Leadership Are Quitting Their Jobs — and Why It MattersChargebacks911® CEO Shares Her Expertise in a New Guest Feature for CCI

August 22, 2023 | 2 min read

Why Women in Leadership Are Quitting Their Jobs — and Why It Matters

As Monica Eaton explains in a new feature for Corporate Compliance Insights, the “Great Resignation” has given way to the “Great Breakup.” Women in leadership roles are leaving companies behind, to the detriment of their previous employers.

Founded in 2010, CCI is the web’s premier global independent news source designed to educate and encourage informed interaction within the global compliance, risk and InfoSec community. CCI supports the important work of compliance professionals by providing a platform to those who speak and write with courage and authority.

As Monica explains in the piece, women have been historically underrepresented in leadership roles. However, many of those that did manage to find a place in leadership rolesare recognizing their value and taking their talents to new opportunities.

“Call it the ‘Great Breakup.’ Women are no longer settling for what they can get; they are confident in what they want and will look elsewhere until they find it,” Monica says in the piece. “Women are not losing their ambition; they are channeling it elsewhere.”

Monica goes on to suggest that there are opportunities to prevent this. However, it will take engagement on the part of executive leadership.

“To avoid employee burnout, corporations and executive leadership need to nurture an environment of support, taking into account responsibilities outside of the office, such as family and community engagement. Performance recognition, mentorship programs, constructive feedback and work flexibility all contribute to a dynamic workforce willing to perform beyond expectations.”

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