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A Unique Approach to Chargeback Risk Mitigation and Loss Recovery

Aren’t All Solutions the Same?

It’s easy to think that chargeback management solutions are all the same. That’s because many of the services offered by other companies are essentially identical–they provide similar one-size-fits-all solutions. Their models are built around static, short-term solutions that don’t evolve with the changing card-not-present landscape. Once you look at Chargebacks911®, however, you’ll realize that all solutions are not the same.

Chargebacks911 is the superior solution and our rapid growth, unprecedented win rate, and long-term client retention bear the evidence of our effectiveness.

Time is of the Essence

It doesn’t matter if your primary goal is prevention or revenue recovery, lengthy integrations are not ideal. Our solutions are designed to remove traditional barriers to decision-making so you can experience results risk-free, without delay, and when you need us most.

Our solutions are guaranteed to work, completely agnostic, and incredibly customizable.

We Guarantee Results

At Chargebacks911, we are so confident in our ability to provide a sustainable chargeback solution that we guarantee success. We promise a significant return on your investment and can guarantee performance results.

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What Sets Us Apart

There are a certain number of chargebacks that can be prevented through conventional automation. We offer the same fraud alerts, risk assessments, and monitoring as other companies to address the 10-20% of chargebacks those methods are suited to solve.

The difference is…we don’t stop there.

Our model goes beyond the standardized approach, adding proprietary technologies and expert human analysis to deliver unprecedented win rates that are backed by an ROI guarantee.

Guaranteed Results

The most expensive solution is the one that does not resolve the problem. We will assess your current business model, and if we recommend our services, it is because we can guarantee an increase in revenue.

Human Intelligence

Chargeback management requires a dynamic, adaptive approach. You can no longer rely on dated automation in this evolving eCommerce environment. Chargebacks911 is the only service provider with the ability to keep pace with the industry’s advancing technology and emerging threats with effective, innovative solutions. Our system relies on manual processes that compliment automation and evolve with the changing landscape.

Global Services

Chargebacks911 is connected to the largest number of global acquirers and issuers. We support every currency and geographical region that Visa and MasterCard serve. Chargebacks911 has locations in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. to provide regional expertise on-demand.

Fully Agnostic

Our services are 100% agnostic. We won’t replace your existing solutions—we’ll help make them more efficient. We work with your current gateway, fraud filter, payment processer, acquirer, or transaction management system. Because we do not process transactions, our integration cycle is simple and generally takes less than 30 days. We offer non-technical options, as well as API methods.

Who We Serve

Chargebacks911 helps merchants create sustainable business practices. Our services are specially designed to help those businesses most susceptible to chargebacks through scalable solutions that can be customized for any business of any size in any industry.


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"Chargebacks911 is more than a resource - they are a partner in our success. We didn't have time to navigate the unpredictable, tumultuous, and ever-changing intricacies of the global CNP processing industry. The Chargebacks911 team quickly integrated their proprietary systems into our business, and within days, began identifying both internal errors we were making as merchants, as well as external fraud that was finding its way into our systems. Chargebacks911 has provided a massive addition to our bottom-line"

A.P., Director of Marketing, U.S. Digital Marketing Firm

Analyzing Your Options

Some of the patented techniques we utilize are so effective, we keep them as closely guarded secrets. It isn’t difficult, however, to draw a contrast between Chargebacks911 and your other available options. Below is a list of just some of the ways in which we differ:

Gateway Service Provider Customer Relationship Company Your In-House Employees Chargebacks911® logo
Custom Solution
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Consulting Services
Reporting Services
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Chargeback Focus

You Do What You Do Best…We’ll Handle the Chargebacks

Don’t spend another second worrying about chargebacks. These financial nightmares aren’t your specialty–they’re ours! Your focus should be on finding and retaining customers; we’ll make sure the chargebacks are under control.

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