Why Merchants Shouldn’t Underestimate ChargebacksChargebacks911® Digital Presentation Spotlighted by PaymentsJournal

August 23, 2023 | 1 min read

Why Merchants Shouldn’t Underestimate Chargebacks

Justin Clements, Director of PR & Media Relations at Chargebacks911, Jarrod Wright, VP of Marketing at Chargebacks911, and Daniel Keyes, Senior Analyst of Merchant Services at Javelin Strategy & Research, discussed key findings from the 2023 Chargeback Field Report in a recent PaymentsJournal webinar.

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As explained in the presentation, the Chargeback Field Report turned up a number of very interesting findings. For instance, one of the biggest obstacles identified by merchants was winning chargebacks. “Even when you come in the representment process with all the evidence that you can, it’s still an uphill battle,” Justin says.

Merchants also experienced issues with identifying false positives.

“It’s sort of a shared hybrid merchant error, friendly-fraud type of chargeback, or it’s a classic case of first-party misuse or friendly fraud. One of the things that merchants can do to reduce chargebacks is increase the scrutiny for transactions and pre-transaction filters,” Jarrod says.

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