What Does the Global Supply Chain Crisis Mean for Chargebacks?

Monica Eaton of Chargebacks911® Offers Insights in New Feature for PaymentsJournal

Monica Eaton, Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911®, recently contributed a post to PaymentsJournal, detailing the unprecedented global supply chain crisis.

PaymentsJournal is a free, comprehensive online information portal designed to keep payments and banking professionals informed about developments in the industry. They deliver the latest news, industry blogs, research, case studies, executive interviews, and analyst insights to shed light on new developments.

In her piece, Monica thoroughly explains the various causes of and complicating factors for the as yet unresolved supply chain crisis. With no end in sight, are merchants doomed to two more years of fulfillment and delivery issues? What about chargebacks stemming from both?

Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, global fulfillment and shipping processes have been increasingly hampered or interrupted altogether. Monica warns that we may not be out of hot water anytime soon, with a nod to the inevitable spike in chargebacks due to these issues.

“Inevitably, this means that customers will be getting their products later or not at all” Monica laments. “Although many will contact merchants directly to resolve issues, some will simply initiate a chargeback.”

When asked what merchants can do to combat the ongoing supply crisis, Monica said, “If customers can request refunds easily, they will choose that option over the relatively more difficult process of initiating a chargeback. Refunds are not ideal, but they are preferable to chargebacks. If your company is experiencing delivery delays, then perhaps send an email to customers outlining what they should do if their package is delayed.”

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