What Does the Global Supply Chain Crisis Mean for Chargebacks?

Monica Eaton Says Supply Chain Issues Remain in SDC Executive Feature

Monica Eaton, Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911®, recently contributed an article to Supply & Demand Chain Executive. In the post, she discusses the ongoing supply chain crisis that has stymied markets and international trade for the past two and a half years and asks: Is there an end in sight? What does this mean for chargebacks?

For over 20 years, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, or SDC Executive, has been the only magazine in the supply chain industry covering the entire global supply chain that focuses on ROI, professional development, and change management, all in a solutions-based format.

Global supply chain issues have a major impact on chargebacks. Customers aren’t getting the goods they order on time. So, with inflation ballooning out of proportion and the price of literally everything reaching for the heavens, is it any wonder that chargebacks appear to be the solution for many consumers?

Monica urges merchants to be well aware of the problem, and be prepared to challenge illegitimate chargebacks when and wherever possible.

“Having a surge of chargebacks at a time when there are serious supply chain issues could be devastating for many companies,” she says. “Chargebacks cost companies significantly more than refunds – they also include fees levied by the acquiring bank and take time to process, particularly if you intend to dispute them. Should your company receive enough chargebacks, your acquirer may decide that your company is risky and will therefore increase their processing fees, meaning that every transaction will cost more.”

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