What Does No Preset Spending Limit Mean?Chargebacks911® CEO Monica Eaton Quoted in US News & World Report

May 17, 2023 | 1 min read

US News & World Report

Chargebacks911® CEO Monica Eaton, one of the world’s leading experts on payments and eCommerce security, was asked to offer her insight as part of a new feature for US News & World Report.

US News & World Report is one of the world’s leading resources for news on a wide range of topics. Civic news, health, education, travel, and business all fall within their scope of reporting. And, with online fraud an ever-mounting threat, it’s vital consumers understand the importance of CVV technology.

Having a preset spending limit on a payment card seems like a pain. Wouldn't most people prefer flexibility if they need to make a large purchase? As the article notes, having some limitations may have some benefits. But, the best option for each individual depends on their spending habits.

“Essentially, the more you spend and pay off, the more the issuer may allow you to spend in the future,” Monica explains. This can be a good thing, but it might also present risks for cardholders who lack self-control.

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