Wagering Your March Madness Bets With a ScammerChargebacks911® VP David Pirtle Featured on CBS 8 San Diego

March 21, 2023 | 2 min read


Gaming fraud is a fast-growing threat. As Chargebacks911 VP of Enterprise Engagement David Pirtle explains, the gaming scam space is an “aggressive market.”

CBS 8 was the first television station in San Diego to go on the air when it flipped the switch in 1949. KFMB-TV News, also known as News 8, has been the top-rated news station for most of its history, and is the only station in the city to have maintained the same network affiliation throughout its history.

Sports betting is big business during the NCAA tournament. However, betters could be losing more than a busted bracket if they place a bet with a scammer. “They'll actually create fake websites that look very legitimate, apps are a little bit easier to create and maintain with a smaller team,” said Pirtle, in reference to gaming fraud perpetrators.

The volume of money flowing through this space make it attractive quarry for fraudsters. And, even if the player appears to win initially, that may just make them even more of a target.

“When you win, that's even more of an opportunity for them to take advantage of you to try to collect that additional information to validate your bank account, things like that. And then get more money from you,” says Pirtle.

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