Visa Chargeback Reason Code 30


Reason Code 30: Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received

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A reason code is assigned to each chargeback a company receives. It describes exactly why the dispute was filed. But all the major credit card companies have their own set of reason codes. Keeping track of each one—and the best way to prevent them—is challenging.

What is Reason Code 30?

This reason code is applicable when a customer doesn’t acquire the goods or services purchased. It can also be applied to instances in which a customer cancels an order because he/she feels it hasn’t arrived in the agreed upon time.

Possible Merchant Mistakes

Because a low chargeback-to-transaction ratio is a crucial point to maintaining your merchant account, avoiding chargebacks is important. Therefore, let’s discuss possible merchant errors that commonly lead to a reason code 30 chargeback.

  • You didn’t ship the merchandise or provide the service as agreed upon
  • You charged the customer’s card a significant amount of time before shipping the item
  • You shipped the purchased items later than you promised
  • You didn’t clearly state the anticipated ship date and arrival date for the purchase
  • You didn’t make the product available for pick-up when you claimed it would be ready
  • The services were rendered late

Merchant Rights and Limitations in a Code 30

Thankfully, there are some limitations to the chargebacks filed under a code 30. Ultimately your rights and limitations are:

  • The cardholder has to provide the processor with a statement ensuring that he/she has attempted to resolve the dispute with you.
  • The cash-back part of a cash-back transaction is invalid in a chargeback.
  • If the merchandise arrives late, the customer is required to attempt to return it and has to wait 10 days before initiating a chargeback request.
  • The processing time limit is 120 days from one of the following: the day the transaction was posted, a specified delivery date, 30 days from posting when there was no agreed upon delivery date, or the date the merchandise arrived (if it was late).

Preventing Chargeback Reason Code 30 Claims

No matter how carefully you organize your business, there will always be people who attempt to take advantage of the system. However, there are certain steps you can take to try to minimize the damage:

  • Always provide a specific ship date and delivery date.
  • Don’t process payment prior to shipping.
  • If a package is going to be late, send the customer notification and let him/her decide if the new date is acceptable or if the transaction should be canceled.
  • Consider requiring a signed delivery confirmation. This will be a hassle for the customer, but could save you a lot of money in chargeback fees. An alternative is to only demand a signature for larger transactions.
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Disputing Reason Code 30

Despite your best attempts, some chargebacks will slip through the cracks. Here are some tips to make the representment process more successful:

  • If the merchandise was delivered, send proof to the acquirer via a delivery receipt or the carrier’s delivery confirmation.
  • If the specified delivery date hasn’t passed, provide proper documentation.
  • If services were rendered, shipment was delivered, or products were made available for pick-up, provide the proper documentation. This is why record keeping is an essential best business practice.

Be Prepared

It is better to take a proactive stance in the realm of chargebacks than a wait-and-see attitude. Making sure that all your instructions are clear and that delivery dates are specified can save you a world of hurt.

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