The Whole World Needs to Support a Unified Chargeback & Dispute SystemChargebacks911® Founder Profiled by Travolution

August 30, 2023 | 2 min read

The Whole World Needs to Support a Unified Chargeback & Dispute System

Monica Eaton, Founder and CEO of Chargebacks911®, was recently profiled by Travolution. In the piece, she shared her expertise in the chargeback and dispute space, and what it means for the travel industry.

Travolution was founded in 2004 when Travel Weekly recognized the need to serve the fast-growing and dynamic online and travel technology sectors with a standalone brand. The first B2B media title of its kind in the world, Travolution pioneered coverage of the sector and rapidly gained a dedicated following within challenger brands and established firms facing the challenge of a paradigm shift in the industry.

Monica noted that, when she first came face-to-face with chargebacks as a merchant, having data was the missing puzzle piece. “Bottom-line though, it all came down to data. Data was the problem,” she explains. “There was either missing data or misinterpreted data. So, I developed a technology first just for myself. I just wanted to save my own business.”

Monica goes on to explain that, in the travel industry, chargebacks have a degree of even more complex nuance than in other verticals. This has been true for years, but is especially true in a post-covid world.

“A new catalyst though is the sheer volume and the troughs of people. Airlines are not planned to handle this amount of business and we’ve seen this all over the world, it hasn’t just been relegated to Europe or the US. The bottom line is the tolerance of consumers, for cardholders and for their banks, for the travel industry making mistakes doesn’t exist.”

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