The eCommerce Guide to Chargeback ManagementChargebacks911® VP David Pirtle Shares Expertise in New Feature for EcomCrew

November 11, 2023 | 2 min read


The eCommerce market is worth trillions. However, as David Pirtle of Chargebacks911 notes in a few feature for EcomCrew, much of that profitability could be undercut if chargebacks are not managed effectively.

Since 2015, EcomCrew has been delivering entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs all of the resources they need to start and grow their ecommerce companies. Today, EcomCrew is one of the most trafficked ecommerce websites in the world with one of the most popular ecommerce podcasts available. They cover a variety of eCommerce related topics on everything from Amazon to Shopify.

Cardholders will file 615 million chargebacks this year, as David notes in the piece. “Given an average chargeback cost of $191, that means buyers will have disputed more than $117 billion worth of credit and debit card purchases this year alone,” he says.

Clearly, chargeback management should be a priority for all merchants. But, even given the scale of the problem and what is at stake, effective chargeback management remains an elusive goal for most.

“The chargeback process is complicated; there are multiple parties involved, as well as tight deadlines and evolving regulations. In many cases, shoppers have no idea that their claims are even invalid. Your strategy must take all of this into account,” David explains.

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