“Returnless” Refund and Automatic Return Approval: Should Sellers Embrace Them?

Monica Eaton, Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911, recently contributed a new guest feature to Street Fight Magazine. In her post, Monica discusses ‘returnless’ refund, automatic return approval, and whether either is a boon for merchants.

Street Fight tracks the evolution of marketing through its daily website and newsletter. They also guide the industry with white papers, reports, and must-attend conferences. Their aim is to cover the “street fight” underway as solutions providers battle to prove the most successful ideas and the most market share.

eCommerce was turned on its ear in response to Amazon’s revolutionary 2017 decision to revamp its return policy by providing ‘returnless refund’ options to consumers. Adding to that, merchants expressed yet more misgivings about automatic return authorizations, as all products without a specific exemption provided by Amazon became eligible for returns.

But, as Monica elaborates, “ALL online merchants—not just those in the Amazon Marketplace—need to look at simplifying customer-facing processes like returns. An easier return process means happier customers, reduced friction, and fewer chargebacks."

"Great service can mean more sales, better customer interactions, and long-term sustainability, all without contributing to increased returns. Believe me: that’s far better than the alternative," she says.

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