Regulation Alone Won’t Secure IoT-Enabled Devices

Monica Eaton-Cardone’s New Column for IoT For All

Not everyone is sold on the idea that regulations dictating security standards for IoT devices will improve security. As Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone explains in her latest guest feature for IoT For All, a multi-pronged approach would be more effective. This approach should include manufacturer-initiated best practices and consumer education.

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As Monica explains in the post, opinions remain mixed regarding IoT security standards and regulation. Different ideas have been floated to help improve security, from labeling to requiring strong default security standards. Ultimately, Monica suggests the key could be a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy, or VDP.

“Developing a VDP isn’t an admission of guilt, weakness, or lack of faith in one’s products,” she explains. “It’s simply an acknowledgment that no technology is perfect. Industry stakeholders need to develop a VDP to report identified and potential vulnerabilities in-line with the three principles of strong customer authentication, open communication, and regular updates.”

In addition to vulnerability disclosure, Monica says we must make consumer education a priority. “Increasing security on the individual level is the only really effective way to curtail the impact of data breaches and fraud activity.”