New Report from Chargebacks911® Spotlighted by Travel Pulse

Cb911 & Airline Information Collaborate on New Travel Industry Fraud Study

The fascinating data produced from our new report, titled Fraud and Chargebacks in Travel, was recently featured by major industry publication Travel Pulse.

TravelPulse has been a major source for industry news, in-depth editorials, dynamic video content and important supplier and destination information in the travel space for more than two decades. TravelPulse reaches millions of consumers every month through syndication partnerships with MSN, Fox, Tribune Content Agency, and other news outlets.

The report, compiled in collaboration with Airline Information, shines a light on the rapid growth of fraud and chargebacks in the travel space. Airline Information Co-Founder Christopher Staab goes so far as to say that everyone in the industry is “acutely aware of the pressure” resulting Covid-19.

“[The travel space] continues to lose revenue,” says Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton Cardone. “Refunds are requested on a massive scale and the ever-rising numbers of chargebacks spell the collapse of several travel providers worldwide. There’s been a clear structural change in chargebacks after Covid-19.”

But, as the report also shows, this is just the latest development in a long-running trend. As evidence, Monica points to the lack of defense against friendly fraud. “"Once committed, most merchants don't realize that if they let it go, they’re admitting fault–and inadvertently rewarding the wrong behavior,” she says.

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