New Report From Chargebacks911® Highlighted on Travolution

‘Fraud & Chargebacks in Travel’ from Cb911 & Airline Information Offers Vital Travel Industry Insights

Industry news outlet Travolution recently published a full feature diving into the fascinating details unveiled in our new Fraud & Chargebacks in Travel report, compiled with the help of our friends at Airline Information.

The first B2B media title of its kind in the world, Travolution pioneered coverage of the travel sector. Founded in 2004, they rapidly gained a dedicated following of both challenger brands and established firms facing the challenge of a paradigm shift in the industry. In addition to news and thought-leadership, the brand has a burgeoning events portfolio as well.

Businesses in every sector felt some ramifications from changing consumer patterns in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, some sectors felt the pinch more acutely than others.

“The travel industry has suffered the most devastating economic impact from the pandemic,” the piece quotes from Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton. “It continues to lose revenue; refunds are requested on a massive scale and the ever-rising numbers of chargebacks spell the collapse of several travel providers worldwide.”

The study found opportunities for merchants to recover and protect their revenue in chargeback source detection, as well as taking a more proactive approach to fighting chargebacks. However, the real solution, according to most respondents, lies in greater industry collaboration.

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