New Generation of Innovators Launching STEM Careers at Chargebacks911®

New Generation of Innovators Launching STEM Careers at Chargebacks911

Florida-Based Interns Fight to Prevent Cybercrimes & eCommerce Fraud

At Chargebacks911, the next generation of hi-tech dreamers are working right now to invent the digital future…one that’s safer, faster and free of fraud.

Online fraud is growing at a rapid pace. Between lost merchandise, added fees and penalties, increased overhead, and ever-mounting numbers of false positives, online fraud could cost businesses more than $150 billion this year alone. Given the severity of this problem, fraud management professionals are more important than ever.

In response to this need, we at Chargebacks911 are happy to announce that we’re expanding our internship program. We’re currently looking for talented young people with a passion for tech innovation to join our team. If you have a fresh outlook and want to showcase what you bring to the table…we want to hear from you!

As Chargebacks911 Chief of Staff Benjamin Bridwell explains:

“A career in STEM isn’t for everyone, and I want to be very upfront about this fact. If you hate surprises and want everything to always stay the same, then this is definitely the wrong industry for you. But if you love technology, yearn to innovate, and aren’t afraid of hard work, then a career in tech might help make all your other dreams come true. And if that’s your true passion, then being an intern is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door.”

Benjamin Bridwell Chargebacks911 | Chief of Staff

Of course, you don’t have to just take it from us…check out what some of our 2019 interns had to say:

I’m grateful and lucky. I can definitely say my skills have sharpened, and the flexibility within the company has given me far greater insight into this industry. This place has so much potential, and it's growing exponentially.”

Jemel Barreto USF Senior & Chargebacks911 intern

I have loved working here so far. Everyone around me has been helpful and inviting. The environment is great to work in, and is very adaptable. I'm glad I got the opportunity to work here with everyone. It's been a really great experience!

Nicole Stevens High school Junior & Chargebacks911 intern

A limited number of Chargebacks911 internships are currently available for 2020. Please visit our Careers page, or contact us directly at to learn more and apply. We look forward to hearing from you!