Monica’s Tips to Outsmart Holiday Hackers for WFLA

The Top 5 Ways Consumers Can Protect Themselves This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us once again. But, along with that surge in Christmas season shopping comes increased risk of criminal fraud. In response, Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone sat down with the hosts at news station WFLA for a special segment on protecting consumers this holiday.

During the four-minute segment, Monica talked about the risk sources consumers face this year. There are new and different threats surfacing every day, and consumers need to stay sharp to thwart them. “The first rule in defense is to make sure you’re discerning,” Monica explains. “Don’t take anything for granted, verify everything, especially from a financial institution. Anything that has access to cash or something that has value: second-guess, third-guess it. Call your bank and be sure it came from them.”

Of course, fraud prevention is hard to break-down into a simple “black-and-white” binary. There are no firm rules in place that denote a fraud attack. Similarly, there are no perfect techniques to ensure consumers won’t still be victimized.

The best response is to be discerning, and to adopt best practices as a consumer. In the piece, Monica provides her top five tips to help consumers protect themselves and ensure they have a happy, fraud-free holiday this year.